Liquid accelerant: a #londonriots multimedia experience in four hundred words

BBC 24 hour news: bringing you every kick live
BBC News 24: Bringing you every kick live

Fuck the police #londonriots mindless senseless violence this is not a protest this is burglary and looting where are the police watch the bbc now there’s buildings in flames a powder keg waiting for a spark so sad disenfranchised young people of Britain where is Boris Johnson huge big awesome flames leaping up in the sky why won’t you condemn cars and shops on fire sheer criminality the police need more powers to lock up these vermin now On the line now is the Conservative MP for Croydon, what do you think when you see this? My first thought is with the businesses Some of them don’t look older than fifteen where are the Army opportunistic rioting and looting look this is my car on fire subhuman scum My name is Adriana I am twenty-four years old I would like to give a big thanks to the three teenagers who escorted me home through the streets; when I asked them why they replied, “Cos you’re a girl innit” let’s see how they like the taste of water cannon no excuse for looting and burning where are the youth clubs #sendinthearmy Boots is gone it’s so sad a generation with the worst prospects for a hundred years switch over to Sky they’ve got much better pictures where are the parents I don’t remember the egyptians looting why won’t you condemn they can’t be much more than than twelve look at this one of a woman jumping from a building it’ll turn your stomach totally unacceptable I blame thatcher greedy selfish louts They’re turning over a children’s hospital now grrr is there nothing they wont stoop to no stake in society I saw a little boy he couldn’t have been older than seven video of bastards mugging a bleeding man on the ground I don’t remember the jews rioting WHERE IS DAVID CAMERON turns out that last tweet was just a rumour but still this is all the fault of the handwringing liberal lawyers fuck the TV im following the riots on GOOGLE MAPS You there, does rioting achieve anything? Yes: you wouldn’t be talking to me now if we didn’t riot it’s exhausting being this angry

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