The Rhinoceros and His Thoughts

The Rhinoceros and His Thoughts
Some quietly exciting news to launch the new year: one of my stories has made it into print. That is: published amid a diligently bound, securely grounded bundle of paper, as opposed to sent up into cyberspace, which can sometimes be like watching a helium balloon drift into the sky. Once More Around the Loganberry Bush is one of my more leftfield offerings which breaks a string of Rules of Fiction Writing (including: don’t write stories in which the narrator dies, and don’t let the narrator pop up as a character unexpectedly). Does it get away with it? Just a handful of pounds will yield you the answer – and, incidentally, give you access to a string of other top stories and poems by the likes of Jonathan Pinnock, Catherine Edmunds and Sharon Birch. What more could you wish for?

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