Body Parts And Coal Dust

Body Parts And Coal DustOne of the stories I wrote for the 2010 Whittaker Prize has made it into the competition anthology. It’s slightly curious, because of all the eight pieces I’d written, The Long And The Short Of It was the one I’d written off as a bad job. A no-frills tale of middle managers in a sales office playing redundancy dodgems: who the hell would want to read that? But when I read back over the stories later on, I started to see it in a more positive light. Clearly at least one person agreed – and I know better than to question the judgment of the indefatigable Donna Gagnon Pugh – so here it is, bound, printed and primed for your perusal. And, if I may say so, it is a quite beautiful volume, with an arresting cover and some choice cuts on the inside from some very talented writers. Fetch your copy at (Yes, I know, it costs a fortune. But trust me, it’s worth it, OK?).

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